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Tekla Boosts Campaign Creation with Shopstory

About the Customer

Established in Copenhagen in 2017, Tekla offers textile products for your home comfort. The Danish brand focuses on its business responsibility commitment, both by producing products that last for years and by working to reduce their impact on the planet.

Key Benefits
  • Building a new campaign page now takes around an hour with full visual flexibility, compared to 1 day before with next to no flexibility
  • The development team can focus on core features, like rebuilding checkout or product details page improvements
  • Tekla can now adjust all the pages to be mobile-first, which accounts for over 70% of all traffic
  • Rapid prototyping allows Tekla to validate new ideas in real-time during company meetings

“It takes no time to move something around or make adjustments compared to using Contentful block modules. The addition of Shopstory has changed our agility for the better and allowed us to do merchandising on a whole different level than before”

Unlocking a brand’s creative potential by overcoming development bottleneck

Today consumers demand newness and storytelling. Knowing this, Tekla teams up with like-minded brands such as Stüssy, Jacquemus, JJJJound, and John Pawson to create exclusive limited collections – a clear opportunity to emphasize the uniqueness of each collaboration.

However, at the time, the creative team used a limited set of hard-coded blocks in Contentful, leading to many campaign landing pages being visually similar.

“We still are a small team, and the developers need to focus on critical tasks, such as adding new currencies, ensuring website stability, managing traffic influxes, etc… so we would just reuse exactly the same blocks with exactly the same headers. All small changes could be problematic.” – said Magda Fiktus, Ecommerce Product Owner at Tekla.

Moreover, Tekla’s team found Contentful to be non-visual, making it hard to imagine how certain elements would look on a page. As blocks were reused within multiple pages, any code change in a hard-coded block would trigger extensive testing in order to make sure fixing one page won’t break others.

Standard form-based Contentful CMS interface makes it hard to imagine the final outcome, leading to multiple errors and requiring extensive testing before go live.

Tekla was in a need of a solution to overcome these limitations. And at some point, they found Shopstory:

“I’ve been looking for something like that (Shopstory) but I couldn't really find anything that I liked. I attended this webinar that I was half listening and then, more and more keywords were falling into my ear. I thought – wow, this is exactly what I need. So I guess as soon as this seminar ended I reached out” said Magda.

6 months in, more than 50% of the Tekla website is rebuilt with Shopstory

This turned out to be the right move for Tekla. According to Magda, adding Shopstory on top of Contentful and their headless stack was pretty smooth “it almost happened overnight, the next day it was available for us to use”. Shopstory has made it easier to build campaign pages, speeding up launch processes and allowing more flexibility. “Now with Shopstory, it can take me as little as one hour to build a full campaign, whereas before, it would take half a day to an entire day” said Chinette Ieong, Ecommerce Coordinator at Tekla.

The colours of Le Corbusier Campaign Pages built from scratch in Shopstory by Tekla's content team. No developers involved.

Having a visual builder in place, gave the creative team much more freedom to make small adjustments, which increases the customer experience exponentially.

Apart from the campaign pages, it was also used to create responsibility and product care pages. Something that would be hardly possible with the previous setup, but at the same time essential for Tekla

“It's an ongoing progress and I think we are at a good pace right now to rebuild everything with Shopstory. This progress occurs concurrently with our ongoing launches in the marketing calendar”

Meanwhile, the development team can focus on more strategic features, recently developing a massive checkout redesign, and working on the product page usability improvements.

A shift toward a mobile-first approach

Like many other e-commerce sites, Tekla’s customers primarily use mobile devices – over 70% of all incoming traffic. Previously, they lacked the capacity to prioritize mobile-first design, which meant that the default setting catered to desktop users.

When asked about her experience today, Chinette said “because the mobile is so much different we can now adjust all our campaign pages, and blog posts to be mobile first. And it's so easy, there’s no issue to even build the entire campaign on a mobile device versus a desktop, it takes next to no time”.

Mobile adjustments can be done in seconds, on the project canvas.

Improving cross-department team communication with rapid prototyping

Tekla transitioned almost overnight from being blocked from making even the smallest changes in hard-coded Contentful blocks to rapid prototyping and building. This approach allows to quickly create and test different design elements, layouts, and features without the need for extensive coding and development costs. Tekla’s content team can build things live during team meetings, something unimaginable in the past. “I have been building in Shopstory in meetings when there’s an idea to validate, and it just works. Then everyone at the meeting knows straight away – is this a viable idea, should we go forward with it, or adjust?” Chinette adds.

Rebuilding the products grid in real time during company meetings is now possible with Shopstory, something unimaginable in the past.

With Shopstory, Tekla continues to explore new ways to tell the stories that matter to its community, connecting their customers to the brand and building lasting loyalty.

If you feel like Shopstory would be a great add-on to your existing stack let us know.

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